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Taking the first step to better mental health

The first step to change is the hardest. There are so many unknowns with every big change and the same is true with starting a journey to better mental health. Doing research and understanding how a process works can guide an individual as they embark on a new path. The same is true with a mental health journey.

What will therapy be like?

When you call a mental health provider, they will gather some basic information just like another doctor’s office. Name, date of Birth, and insurance are all basic information necessary to set up your first appointment. It is also important to mention what you are looking for in therapy, this will help you to be matched with a therapist that will fit your needs. You can also do your own research and read about our therapists.

Box Elder Behavioral Health is a telehealth only practice. You will receive a link to your client portal when you make our first appointment. This portal is where you fill out your intake paperwork. Again, just like when you are sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. One of the documents you will sign is the financial responsibility form. You can read about our cancellation policy and rates here.

Before your first appointment you will receive a link to a HIPPA secure video chat where you will meet your new therapist.

During the intake visit your therapist will also go over some important points such as informed consent, the role of a mandated reporter, and what to do in the event you feel the urge to harm yourself or others. Another point that is important to recognize is that although this is telehealth, you must be present in the state of Virginia during treatment. The first visit is called an intake visit and it may not feel much like therapy. During this time your therapist is gathering information about you and your history and formulating a plan to treat your concerns.

After the first visit, your therapist will begin using techniques to address the symptoms you have been experiencing. Sometimes it will be obvious how your therapist is challenging your thoughts and beliefs to create insight, sometimes it is more subtle. It is important to be honest in therapy and bring up any ideas or feelings that arise so that your therapist can understand you as well as possible.

If you are ready to embark on this path to change reach out today!

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