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The Struggle with Weight Loss. One Reason We Choose to Ignore.

Summertime is here and so are many of our annual struggles with body image. Some of us are already dreaming of fall temperatures returning, so we can feel more comfortable in our jeans. For now, we are forced to face our bare legs and arms, and many of us are also facing shortcomings and frustrations with ourselves. Many women, as well as men, are not happy with their bodies. So many individuals are trapped in a cycle of dieting, gaining, and more dieting. How can the cycle be broken? Here’s a hint: it might not even about what you eat. The source of this vicious cycle might be more about how you feel and how you value yourself.

What is Holding Us Back?

Many of us do not have enough time to work out or cook ourselves healthy food. We are all living busy lives, and many of us, and many of us do not feel that we have enough time to work out or cook ourselves healthy food. If we have kids we feel we must drive the kids here and there; we have to make sure the homework is complete. The list goes on and on. Here is the first step to long term health. You must put your health at the top of your priority list. This isn't an article about time saving tricks. This is a call to evaluate your priorities and choices. Are you choosing something else instead of a healthy lifestyle? This is especially hard for parents. First let’s recognize this putting yourself last is not helping your children. It is setting a poor example and teaching your children the same negative habit you have learned. No one would suggest that children are neglected in favor of Mom or Dad going to the gym, but a healthy balance needs to be found. You have value. You are worth a 30 minute walk every day. For some families this might mean children do not get to participate in every activity they would like to, and that is ok. Many individuals who struggle with weight control also struggle with personal value. Counseling can explore the source of these messages and work to reframe some of the lies we tell ourselves about our value.

We must feed the kids/ spouses/guests foods they enjoy right? Maybe, or should we be cooking food that nourishes the body and instills healthy habits? Think about another way you can put yourself first, how about making a meal just for you instead of making a meal just for the kids? Imagine taking the time at the grocery store to pick out healthy snacks for you in the same way many of us spend time thinking about snacks our family will enjoy. When you think about shifting your behavior and beginning to act this way, how does it make you feel? Do you feel guilty? Where does that guilt come from?

Take the First Step

It's not about making a diet plan. It's not about reading about the latest workout trend or signing up for a gym. The first step to weight control is deciding that you have value, and you deserve the additional time, energy, and expense that a healthy lifestyle demands. If you are having a hard time buying in to your own personal value, speak with a counselor and consider starting to walk down a completely different road. One where you can be a good person who cares for others, while also caring for yourself.

To learn more about how counseling can help create new positive lifestyle habits contact on of our counselors today!

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