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Victims of Sexual Abuse

We are dedicated to providing compassionate support and resources for survivors of sexual abuse. We understand the importance of creating a safe space where survivors can find guidance and healing. 


  • Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience that can involve non-consensual sexual activity, exploitation, or harassment.

  • Survivors often experience profound emotional and psychological distress.

  • Survivors may experience a range of emotions, including shame, guilt, anger, fear, and sadness.


It is normal to have complex reactions and may take time to process these emotions.

Therapy and counseling can be essential for survivors to address trauma and its lasting effects. At Box Elder Behavioral Health LLC, we  aim to empower survivors of sexual abuse by offering a wealth of information, resources, and a caring community. Remember, healing is possible, and you are not alone on this journey toward reclaiming your life and well-being.

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